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2017-18 Wrestling Schedule

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1510:00PM(A) Menlo - CAdef(H) Embry-Riddle - AZ23-20 
  2:00PM(H) Williams Baptist - ARdef(A) Bacone - OK51-3 
 WBC Duals
  2:00PM(H) Williams Baptist - ARdef(A) Brewton-Parker - GA41-3 
 WBC Duals
  2:00PM(A) Missouri Valleydef(H) Williams Baptist - AR27-15 
 WBC Duals
  5:00PM(N) Missouri Valleydef(N) Brewton-Parker - GA45-3 
 Williams Baptist Duals
  2:00PM(N) Missouri Valleydef(N) Bacone - OK44-0 
 Williams Baptist Duals
 148:00PM(A) Benedictine - KSdef(H) Central Christian - KS36-6 
 Dual with Benedictine College - Gardner Edgerton HS - Gardner, KS
  10:00PM(A) Montana State-Northerndef(H) Eastern Oregon30-6 
 136:30PM(H) Coker Collegedef(A) St. Andrews - NC46-3 
115:00PM(A) 5 Life - GAdef(H) Brewton-Parker - GA42-9 
 9:00PM(A) 14 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(H) 5 Life - GA25-12 
 7:00PM(N) 14 Lindsey Wilson - KYdef(N) RV Brewton-Parker - GA44-3 
 1010:00AMKansas Wesleyan@Reece Wright-Conklin Jet InvitationalNo Team Score
  10:00AMBethany - KS@Jet OpenNo Team Score
 910:00AMDakota Wesleyan - SD@Doane OpenNo Team Score
  3:00PM(H) 3 Indiana Techdef(A) 11 Campbellsville - KY31-12 
 Warriors Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
  1:30PM(H) 3 Indiana Techdef(A) RV Hannibal-LaGrange - MO43-6 
 Warriors Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
  12:00PM(A) RV Marian - INdef(H) 3 Indiana Tech26-19 
 Warriors Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
 11:00AM(A) 2 Lindsey Wilson - KY @ (H) Brewton-Parker - GAPPD 
 #2 Lindsey Wilson and #9 Life
 11:00AM(A) 9 Life - GA @ (H) Brewton-Parker - GAPPD 
  10:00AMMidland - NE@Doane OpenNo Team Score
  10:00AMYork - NE@Doane OpenNo Team Score
 4:00PM(N) 14 Lindsey Wilson - KY vs. (N) 5 Life - GAPPD 
   Concordia - NE@Doane University OpenNo Team Score 
  10:00AMHastings - NE@Doane University OpenNo Team Score
   (N) 11 Campbellsville - KYdef(N) Davenport University28-12 
 Indiana Tech Warrior Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
   (N) 11 Campbellsville - KYdef(N) RV Hannibal-LaGrange - MO37-7 
 Indiana Tech Warrior Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
   (N) RV Marian - INdef(N) 11 Campbellsville - KY23-21 
 Indiana Tech Warrior Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
  10:00AMDoane - NE@Doane OpenNo Team Score 
  11:00AM(N) Southwest State Universitydef(N) Northwestern - IA19-18 
 Augustana Duals
  12:30PM(A) Augustana Universitydef(H) Northwestern - IA35-6 
 Augustana Duals
  2:00PM(N) Northwestern - IAdef(N) Drury University25-17 
 Augustana Duals
  10:00AMSaint Mary - KS@Doane OpenNo Team Score
  9:00AM(N) Marian - INdef(N) Hannibal-LaGrange - MO43-9 
 Warrior Duals - Indiana Tech - Fort Wayne, Ind.
  9:00AM(N) Marian - INdef(N) Davenport University37-6 
 Warrior Duals - Indiana Tech - Fort Wayne, Ind.
  10:00AMGrand View - IA@Doane OpenNo Team Score
   (N) Davenport Universitydef(N) Hannibal-LaGrange - MO40-12 
 Warrior Duals
  1:00PM(A) Southern Virginia Universitydef(H) WVU Tech27-24 
  2:00PM(H) Augustana Universitydef(A) Morningside - IA37-6 
 Augustana Duals
  1:00PM(A) Liberty Universitydef(H) WVU Tech39-11 
  12:30PM(N) Southwest State Universitydef(N) Morningside - IA24-15 
 Augustana Duals
  11:00AM(N) University of Nebraska-Kearneydef(N) Morningside - IA38-3 
 Augustana Duals
  9:00AM(H) Indiana Techdef(A) Davenport University35-13 
 Warriors Duals | Fort Wayne, Ind.
  10:00AMBriar Cliff - IA@Doane OpenCncl 
  11:00AM(A) Oklahoma Wesleyan @ (H) Williams Baptist - ARCncl 
 Eagle Duals
  11:00AM(A) Baker - KS @ (H) Williams Baptist - ARCncl 
 Eagle Duals
  11:00AM(A) Cumberlands - KY @ (H) Williams Baptist - ARCncl 
 Eagle Duals
  10:00PM(H) Eastern Oregondef(A) Warner Pacific - OR26-20 

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